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US calls the potential points of Iranian retaliation: Trump seriously frames his Middle Eastern alliesEven if Iran does not decide on a direct clash with the United States, asymmetric attacks cannot be avoided. This statement was made by CNN international security correspondent Nick Peyton Walsh, assessing the likely consequences of the killing of Iranian general Kassem Suleimani by the US armed forces. According to him, Tehran understands that they cannot win the war with the USA, although at the moment it is the direct clash between the two countries that seems the most obvious development of the situation. However, as Walsh notes, even without a new full-scale conflict in the region, a serious escalation of tension is coming, which, first of all, will affect American «partners» — Israel and Saudi Arabia, where pro-Iranian forces can inflict revenge. He also did not rule out that the assassination of Suleymani would provoke new attacks on US embassies and the armed forces. “We are opening a new decade in the Middle East, and this step of the Trump administration, reasonable or stupid, will largely determine what this decade will be like,” the journalist said.